As the host of a podcast, I sometimes get asked what other podcasts I listen to so I figured this would be a good opportunity to go over the ones I keep up with and some of the ones I’ve liked in the past, even if I no longer listen.

First and foremost when I talk about Podcasting, I have to give props to the show that inspired me to start my own, that is “That Video Game Podcast“.  When I was working long hours at EA, I discovered the wonderful world of podcasts and this one (along with the next one I’ll talk about) were the first two GOOD ones I found.  The main host, Boston, keeps things going and they NEVER miss a week (excluding some holidays)!  Considering this show started out just like mine, it’s crazy to think that they are always on time and he is in every episode.  The other host’s Knobs, Brad, and Ryan, all add their own to the show, making a unique chemistry that is rarely found.  The content itself is a basic format, and very similar to the one that KVGT follows.  That is they talk about what they’ve been playing, releases, news, and then fan stuff (emails, tweets, etc.).  They also have special event coverage, spoilercasts, and outtake episodes, all worth listening to. If you ever sign up on their forums or send them a message, let them know that the host of Knights of the Video Game Table Podcast sent ya!  (

Next up is Nerdblurb.  This one gets an explicit rating due to its language and references, unlike tvgp that gets a family friendly rating, so it’s more focused on an adult audience.  They’re less organized, but also very entertaining.  They have no real set format, length, or release schedule, so it’s more about remembering to check for updates or having an RSS setup to know when they have new episodes, but it’s worth it!  They are funny and bring a lot of entertainment to their listeners. (
KVGT, if you haven’t listened before, is a cross between these two.  We’ve been known to get an explicit raiting on a few episodes, but try to keep it family friendly.  We have a set format and release schedule, but often go off on tangents (and episodes are sometimes late…very late)
The third, and last I’ll talk about in length, is 1UP’s Active Time Babble.  This is all about RPG’s!  It’s a professional podcast, so it’s a little more dry, although as the episodes go on it is getting more laid back.  I believe the release schedule is twice a month, although this doesn’t seem to be constant.  The main host is a hardcore RPG lover and it really shows.  This is the only professional podcast I keep up with, as I find they usually either lack content or don’t last, so a big thumbs up to anyone looking for an RPG podcast! (
Below are some others, with brief descriptions, that I check out or have checked out:
Rift Podcast – Independent Rift podcast, no longer making new episodes (sadly)
Riftception Podcast – Another Rift podcast by
Taverncast – A World of Warcraft-turned-social podcast
Crystal Core – A Final Fantasy XIV Podcast, seems to have stopped.  Maybe it’s bcuz the game sucks?
The Instance – Another WoW podcast that I listened to once in a while
That’s about it!  If anymore come to mind, or I listen to anymore, I’ll let everyone know, until then I think tvgp just came out with a new episode…

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