What a few weeks!

The last time I posted, I had just talked about how intense of an interview process can be nowadays, especially for a writer.  This post is going to be slightly different because I have two posts to write, with the other being posted in the coming day or two.  A lot has happened since April 6th.  For one, I got a job (which will be the topic of my second post, not part of the Writers Struggle series), but more importantly, I’ve had a few weeks of clarity, inspiration, motivation, and confidence boosting!

Even though I’ll be talking more about my job in the next post, I wanted to mention that I didn’t get a job writing, not technically anyway.  It does take a ton of writing, but it’s not content for the web or fiction, which is what I really want to do.  Long story short, I am helping to prepare learning modules for a future education model.  What the heck does that mean?  Well, I tell people I’m helping prepare the future of education, kinda cool right?   Just a lot of work, and it’s also a contract job (3 months).

So that’s why this post is titled “Putting a Dream on Hold” because that’s really what I did.  As a writer, it hurts me to be too busy and too tired to write on a daily, or even weekly, basis.  If you follow both my websites (KVGTPodcast.com is my Podcast website), you may have noticed that I haven’t posted on either in over a month.  This is because of a combination of things, most recently being the new job.  I work 9 AM – 5:30 PM with about 1 hour and 20-minute commute.  That means I wake up at 6:30 and get home around 7, which doesn’t leave much time for anything.

Putting a dream on hold.  It’s never a good thing, is it?  Sometimes it’s a must, in my case to pay bills, but how long is too long?  I have been writing fiction since I was able to, but over the past four years or so, I’ve neglected it.  Sure, I’ve written countless essays for school, but that doesn’t really count.  I created this blog to force myself to write, but haven’t kept it up.  So I ask again, how long is too long?  This job isn’t my ideal job, it’s not going to help me finish my novel or get my name out there as a writer, but it is giving me a unique experience that I can use to head in the direction.

It also isn’t stopping me from writing.  Nothing can stop me from writing unless I let it, and I’ve let it far too long.  Although I know I don’t have much of an audience on this blog, I’m going to start being dedicated and trying to get a post up every week in this series, along with others.  This past week I’ve been really down about how long I’ve put off writing, and there’s no way to get out of it except to write!

This weekend I got a boost of motivation from my good friend Bobby (aka Sunny Stack$ on Facebook).  For the last six months or so, we’ve gone back and forth about business, our futures (mine as a writer, his in music and fashion), and just generally how to start heading in the direction we want to go in life.  I realized that the only way I am going to go anywhere as a writer is to write if I ever want to make a career as a writer, become published, or teach fiction writing, I need to get my name out there and just write.

So that’s why I’m here tonight, only two hours before I have to sleep with about 5 hours of things to do, I’m sitting here writing.  My plan is to start waking up earlier to write, along with stopping at a coffee shop on my way home from work to write.  But as for tonight, I had to share what I’ve learned about both writing and myself this week, and I’ll say it again, “Nothing can stop me from writing unless I let it.”

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