This is the first update directly on Steam Powered Dreams, so because of that, it’s going to be a bit different than normal.  It serves three purposes, to update on the current state of Burden Episode one and The Planet Without A Sun, to setup future updates in the Sinesol Universe, and to explain where the older posts came from.

Current State of Sinesol

So, lets start with the most likely reason you’re here, current state of the Sinesol Universe.  It’s actually been an interesting month or two, even though I haven’t updated my other website (A Writer’s Struggle) with new information.  The reason for that is because I have been writing and editing in my spare time.  The most exciting thing is that I wrote a novella that is somewhat of a prequel to both Revelations and Burden called The Planet Without A Sun.

The Planet Without A Sun takes place approximately 16 years prior to the events of Burden Episode one and Revelations Book 1 and has a lot of links to what happens in them, though not directly.  You’ll be introduced to some of the characters that will appear in Revelations, but more than that it serves as an introduction to the world, along with the science/magic system in Sinesol.

I wrote it in just about a month and it clocks in at a bit over 35,ooo words.  It is currently in edits and slated for an August/September release this year, so it’s coming quick!

On the other side, episode one of my short story called Burden is in the final stages of development.  The story is solid, cover is done, and ebook is almost completely formatted.  The release for that is actually slated for this week and it will mean I am officially a published author!  So even though it’s only a 8,000 word short story, it really gets me excited!  Especially knowing that The Planet Without A Sun is on it’s heels.


Future Updates

If you read the Steam Powered Dreams introduction post, you’ll already know that neither Andrew nor myself are big on scheduled blogging.  Because of this, I have decided to take a que from one of my favorite authors, Drew Karpyshyn, and schedule my updates monthly (His are actually bi-monthly, but I don’t have that much to update right now with my writing, so I’ll be doing monthly).  These updates will deal exclusively with my writing, but not always Sinesol.  They will be labeled much like this one with the date in it.  If it deals with another project, that project will also be in the title, so for example if I’m doing an update for Sinesol and Kahlima’s Secret, it’ll be something like “Sinesol Universe and Kahlima’s Secret 7/7/2014 Update” or something like that.

That also isn’t to say that is ALL I will post, it’s just the only regularly scheduled ones.  I do plan on writing about my experiences in other aspects of writing, publishing, etc. as well.


Importing Posts

So you may have noticed that there are posts that come before this one.  They are mostly going to be updates similar to this.  These have been imported from my old website that I have basically abandoned.  I don’t know if A Writer’s Struggle will ever reform, but I can say as of right now, it is closed indefinitely.

If you did follow me during my A Writer’s Struggle days, you may also notice that some of the posts that appear new here were from there.  Well, I decided since I am going to eventually take A Writer’s Struggle down that I’d bring what I consider the best posts over here.  Those will most likely all be wrapped into one category here on Steam Powered Dreams, but we haven’t decided yet how to do that.


So that’s it, thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to join our mailing list!
Next Update 8/4/2014

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