Woohoo!  Time to celebrate!  Burden: Episode One has been published!  It’s been long time coming, put off multiple times for multiple reasons, but it’s finally happened!

Keep reading for some more information and a link to purchase!



Just click on the cover above and you’ll be directed to Amazon.  It’s also on it’s way to being up on KOBO and B&N, but they seem to be a bit slower than Amazon.  I’ll have those links posted along with this on the right side of the page when they are ready.


So with the celebration done, I got a few things to talk about.  The first being my goal of being published before my birthday.  Did I hit it?  Technically.  Was it what I wanted?  Not even close.  About a year ago, I set a goal with myself that I’d have Revelations Book 1 out by my birthday (August 11th).  I then realized that I needed something to introduce the series, and although it didn’t NEED to come before Revelations, I was getting the itch to write instead of just edit, so I wrote The Planet Without A Sun, a novella.  I finished it in three months, well under target, and had planned on releasing the short story two months ago and the novella on or before August 11th.  I figured it wasn’t my novel, but it was close, I’d be satisfied if I had my novella out prior to my birthday.

Well, I just barely got Burden: Episode One published on time and haven’t even started on edits for the novella!  As I said, technically I met my goal, but it’s not enough.  This is why I’m going to push to keep my original publishing schedule for Revelations, even though I’ve had to push the novella back at least 2 months.  That is I still want both the novella and the novel published this year!

Working 45-50 hours a week with a 1 hour+ commute each way, it’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to try my hardest.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve given myself two years from June to get my writing career started.  It’s a hefty goal, but I’m really going to try and push for it because it’s what I really want to do.

Well that’s it, Burden: Episode One is up, I’m a published author, and I’m 30.

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