Three years in the making, I have finally released my first novel.  It is a feeling that I can’t quite describe, both exhilarating and terrifying.

If you’re excited to click through to Amazon and buy a copy, wait for a second and keep reading to find out about two great promotions, both offering free copies of my book and short story!

First, some quick updates.  Even though it’s listed on amazon, I’m officially releasing it on Monday (11/2).  The reason is because I put the book in under KDP Select and they have some really good marketing tools that I need to set up.

During the release, a week-long window, I’ll be adding interesting blog posts and videos about the process of writing the book, as well as my experience with KDP Select.  That will start Monday (11/2) and run through Friday (11/6).

Now, on to the most important part, how to get free copies of my work.  Starting with my short story, Sinesol: Burden Episode 1.  All you have to do is make sure you are signed up for our mailing list.  This promotion starts today and runs through ALL OF NOVEMBER!

The other, more exciting, promotion is that my brand new book will be available on Amazon free of charge for a very limited amount of time!  All I’m asking is if you pick up a free copy, and you feel it’s a good book, leave a review on amazon.  This promotion will start on Monday (Nov. 2nd) and run for at least 3 days, though I might extend that to 5 depending on how it goes.

With all of that said, if you want to pick up a copy now at full price, leave a review early, you can do so right here.

Thank you and I look forward to the next week of fun!

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