It was just like any other day, at least any other day since her father passed away, Kahlima found herself begging for a little food, enough to feed her mother and brother, but it was the end of the trade season and no one was willing to give up what little they had.  It had been like this for days, so she had no other choice; she needed to steal.  She hated to do it, it made her feel horrible, but she was hungry and wasn’t sure how much longer she could last without at least a little food.  No one would notice if she took a few pieces of bread.  No one would notice a missing vegetable or two, right?

Welcome to Kahlima’s Secret, the first season in my Kahlima series!  A few days ago I gave a quick look at the series as a whole, click here if you didn’t get a chance to read that.

Our story starts out in the last city within the Kindom, Ondal on the planet Augre.  It is an inhospitable place where the temperatures are always high and danger always prevalent.  Wild animals, bandits, and sand storms all define the roads between the cities on Augre, and things have just been getting worse.

When we first meet Kahlima, it has been about a year since her father passed away from an accident at work, or so she was told, and her family have fallen into poverty.  Her mother, once a very proud and hard working woman, has not left her room since that faithful day, and she has been tasked with taking care of her younger brother, Dhiren.  But something happens on this particular day and she discovers that magic is real and that she is a mage!  Not just any mage, her mother tells her, but a very special one, like her father before her and the King’s Soldiers will be after her.

She must flee the only home she’s ever known, leaving her family and friends behind, and set off across the desert to find shelter.

The first book is due out around the end of February!  BUT stay close by over the next month for more information on the characters and world, even a chance to get an early copy!

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