I’m very excited to introduce the Kahlima series, which will span between 20 and 25 books over 5 Seasons!  This series was inspired by my niece, Shane, when I promised her I’d write her a story.  Sadly, she gave me the prompt about two years ago and for all she knows I forgot about it.  But the exciting news is that the first book in season 1 is scheduled for a December release!

So what is Kahlima’s story?  Well, it is set in a steampunk world, but unlike my Sinesol Universe that is focused more on Sci-Fi, Kahlima is focused on Fantasy.  You’ll see a lot of the common steampunk troupes, such as airships, machines powered by steam, and guns, but you’ll get a lot of magic, swords and daggers, crazy creatures, kingdoms, and more!

The main character, who I’m sure you guessed by now, is named Kahlima.  She is a very special teenage girl with a very special gift.  Oh, it’s not uncommon for a person to be born of magic, but like her father before her, she’s able to control magic of many different types.  The magic system follows a popular trend seen in many fantasy stories, it is based on elements, but that’s about where the similarities stop.

The planet that our hero lives on is based on the element of fire.  Mages on this planet can control fire.

Simple enough.

But Kahlima might be able to do more than just control fire, much like her father before her.  It might just be that she inherited his unique ability to control all magic, something passed down in her bloodline, that was thought to be lost in time.  And it may be this power that makes a dark ancient creature fear her and want her dead.

That’s it for now, just a little teaser.  The first book is due out in December, so make sure you join the mailing list (click the bar at the top of the page or scroll to the bottom of this page) and check back often.

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