2016 has already been a momentous year and it’s only July!  I can’t wait to see what is in store for me for the next 5 months.  If the current state of my life is any indication, I’m looking at a very productive end of 2016 and a new beginning in 2017!  Things are changing fast in my life and I can honestly say I don’t know what it will look like in a year, or even in 6 months!

Let me start by getting the “business” side of my life out of the way.  Steam Powered Dreams has gone from a personal publishing name for Andrew Couch and myself to an almost formed company that will be open to the public to publish with.  I have hired 2 copywriters to help me pump out content for the site (starting VERY soon) which is aimed at helping writers and authors on their journey.  I am in the process of planning webinars, eBooks, and online courses all centered around the same concept.  I am so tired of hearing about writers being scammed or taken advantage of and I plan to put a stop to it, at least as much as I can.  This is what Steam Powered Dreams stands for.  I don’t expect to ever make a full time income from publishing, but that’s not the point.  The point is to help those who want to get published do just that.

In April, I lost my job as a Kindergarten teacher.  This was bittersweet, as I miss those kids dearly, but it’s also allowed me to take some time to try and refocus my career trajectory into my writing.  While I have been freelancing off and on for the past 3+ years, I have taken to it full time since April and have already had some success, something that I am both surprised and happy about.  It really isn’t easy going from only taking odd jobs from friends to edit their short story or build their website to trying your hand at actually attracting clients and making a living off of it.  However, each month I have done better than the one previous, and this month I have finally hit that “acceptable” level of income to rationalize not looking for a regular job, and that feels amazing.  Of course this is something I have to sustain, but I’m set for the next 3 months at least.

As for my writing, it’s been a tough year.  While I did finish Kahlima’s Secret Book 1, the first draft was not well received with my beta readers.  It wasn’t the whole book, actually, but Kahlima’s POV fell flat and I ended up losing a lot of confidence in myself.  Although I have to admit, looking back I knew there was something wrong with her character even during the original planning phase.  After a few months of this, I ended up having a client who needed help with her story and, after doing an amazing job (her words, not mine, though I must admit it felt good!), I went back into rewriting the beats for Kahlima’s POV.  This time around I focused on her as a character, her motives, and the world I had created around her.  I’m currently in the rewrite stage now and it feels much better.  I’m looking forward to what my beta readers think!

In other writing news, I’ve plotted out a full serial set in my Sinesol Universe that shows a glimpse into the mysterious world of the Mystics.  At this point it’s taken a back seat, since the plan had been to get Revelations Book 1 out already, and the serial shouldn’t be read until after that book at least, but it’s fully planned out and that feels good.

I think that’s about all that’s been going on with my writing and publishing, but stay tuned because I have a lot of things in the works that I’m very excited to share and talk about!

The next update like this will be around August 19th, give or take a week, but there will be other things going on here between now and then!

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