When I think of my Sinesol Universe, I tend to think big. I think about the different generations I want to write in, the different settings that are possible, and also how to combine them all together, despite some very obvious differences, not to mention time between events.

The latest release of mine, Talus Lost, was a short story that takes place many years before the events of Revelations (Coming later this year, I hope! More about that below…) and stars Sargon and Talus, two of the main characters in Revelations. It was a lot of fun to write and 1 of three in a mini-series that gives more backstory to Sargon and Talus, as well as a few other characters from that same series. The second in that mini-series is already planned and will, hopefully, make an appearance sometime this year, but it’s not a major focus.

Revelations itself is my major focus within the Sinesol Universe. It’s a novel that I am extremely proud of and one that I almost feel like I’ll never make it good enough since it was the first one I ever wrote. But, as many authors know, this is a trap we set for ourselves since a book is never perfect!

I haven’t worked on Revelations at all in a long, long time, but I am bringing it up from the bottom of my creative pile to focus on it as soon as Kahlima’s Secret is released. There are many reasons I had put this one on the backburner for so many years, but I feel like I”m ready to tackle it, or at least give it another go.

But despite not working on it in a physical way, my mind has been refining many of the characters and plot points since I finished the first draft so long ago, and just this week I had a *ahem* revelation with the story as a whole (this particular set of characters will be in 3 books) and I can happily say that Anadilcia from The Planet Without A Sun will not only make an appearance but also be an important character in one, if not two of those books!

This might not seem too important if you haven’t read The Planet Without A Sun, but from my point of view, this is HUGE! We (and yes, I mean me included because right now I don’t know) will get to find out what happened after we left her and Aegion at the end of the book.

Well, that’s it for this update on Sinesol, but I am looking to be doing a lot more in this universe very soon!  Drop a comment if you have any questions, or just want to say hi!

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