Note: This was originally written on Feb. 10, 2009. It has been left fully intact, minus a few formatting and grammar corrections. All names/places/events are that of fiction.

After the events of September 11th, 2001, the people of America began to panic and worry about terrorist attacks from groups around the world who despised America. President George W. Bush ordered a search of Iraq and surrounding countries for weapons of mass destruction, but none were ever found. This began a war that made many American’s lose hope in their leaders. However, soon after these events, as many of the people in America were poor and depressed, a new man stood up and said he would bring back the confidence of the people and show the world what it really means to be the United States of America again. It was on November 4th, 2008 that the first minority president was elected. His name was Manuel Estavantez and he was a mixture of South American, Chinese, and Irish. He was born in Hayward, California on February 21, 1988, also making him the youngest president to ever serve in office.

Within President Estavantez’s first year, he made a peace treaty with Iraq that stopped the fighting and brought our soldiers back home. Iraq was happy with this and agreed to the terms that they would help find members of Al-Qaeda and punish them. Along with this, President Estavantez agreed to help Iraq financially and only come to there need at there request.

By June of 2010, the majority of Al-Qaeda had either been caught or turned themselves in with the guarantee of their safety. Also, a group of rebel Al-Qaeda members turned in their leaders for their own amnesty. With the threat of terrorism declining, Americans were able to get back to an issue that had been neglected since President Bush had been in office, the economy.

It wasn’t long before the cost of living had raised minimum wage all across America and taxes were lowered. Gas prices were dropping to a ten year low and it seemed, at least for a time, America was at peace with the world. It was as if President Estavantez had done what people before him had tried, and failed, to accomplish. But as we’ve learned from our history, every era of peace ends sooner or later.

In March 2011, as the presidential race started to heat up, President Estavantez suddenly resigned his position and fled the United States with no explanation. The Vice President, William Smith, took the lead. Even though the people began to panic. The fleeing of one of our country’s best presidents had people scared. No word came as to why this happened, and some say even President Smith didn’t know why.

In November of the same year, William Smith was voted in as president and for a time, things settled down and looked as if the United States of America was back on track. Slowly the economy dropped. By the end of President Smith’s term, it had become worse than ever. It started to seem as if President Estavantez knew something no one else did. It seemed as if he foretold the future of the millions of people across America. Or maybe it was more than that. Maybe he was told the fate of the people years before it happened.

The next few years were a steady flow of depression and poverty for America. Then, on August 11, 2018, a bomb was dropped on California, about 150 miles east of San Francisco, pushing America into a state of crisis. The bomb that hit reached the shores of the west coast, destroying most in its path. It was a new technology that had never been seen before and was leaving many people and animals alive while destroying buildings with ease. The worst part of this attack is no one knew who the enemy was. There was no threat sent to the President, there was no warning or way to detect where the bomb had come from. Even worse then not knowing who the enemy was, there was no way to detect when or where the next attack would hit.

The next attack wasn’t a bomb; it was an attack on military satellites that were used for monitoring our borders. They were shot down, all within hours of each other. Because of this, there was no communication between the west coast and the rest of the United States. The government sent little help due to the idea of another attack and the loss of soldiers.
With all this happening within a very short period of time, what happened next took many people by surprise. The enemy had started to invade the shores of Northern California., taking over the majority of the San Francisco Bay and the South Bay.

Not even three weeks had passed by since the bomb had dropped and now there were millions of soldiers marching inland to take California by force. If they could successfully take the whole bay area, the rest of the state would be easy. If they took California over, it wouldn’t be long before other states would start to fall.

It looked as if the fate of America was sealed. Many gave up hope and committed suicide to get away from it. Some fought back but were killed in the path of this unknown force. The soldiers marched through the streets without remorse for homes, family’s, or animals.
Then, on a late summer night less then a month after the attack, the fighting stopped. For the first time since the drop of the bomb, everything was quiet. They had successfully taken over most of the bay area but stopped just short of Hayward and Oakland.

The president had no way of knowing California had been invaded because it took weeks to get reports to the east coast. This meant no military forces were on their way, no help from anyone would come for at least another few weeks.

If California had any chance of survival, it would come down to a small group of people who had started forming. The militia met late night in a small stronghold in the hills behind Castro Valley that used to serve as a military base that controlled local land to air defenses. Inside was a weapon locker that contained a supply of guns that would help hold off the army.

The leader of this group, Ken Edwards, knew there was no way they could stop the invading army, but his plan was to create a stronghold until help could arrive. With the hills behind them, and the water in front of them, they had a chance to succeed, but it would take everyone. Ken and his men rushed to recruit as many able people as possible and started to build a barricade on all streets leading out of the cities.

People were posted in the hills as watch outs. It wasn’t long before the enemies noticed the disturbance and set a few people to see what was going on. Ken Edwards made sure they never reported back.

A week passed and the militia had grown in size and now measured more than 500,000, which was still not nearly enough to do much against the invading army.

And then it happened. As Ken had expected, the enemy had begun a two-sided attack. One coming from the south, and one coming from the north. Because he was prepared for this, he had stationed equal amounts of people in both areas.

The fighting was fierce and didn’t end even at night. For two days it continued until the dark force who had taken the west coast broke through the defenses in the southern part of Hayward and pushed the militia back towards Castro Valley, their second line of defense.

Unlike the first stronghold, they had constructed only a very small area in which anyone could enter or leave. The theory of being able to bottleneck the army in hopes to hold them off for long enough was to give the people a little more hope, but it was only that, a little.

Soon after, sometime in the dead of night, the northern stronghold was breached, pushing all of the locals into Castro Valley. This was something they had not expected to happen so soon, as the secret weapon they had been preparing was not complete.

Ken thought to himself this would be the end. All there efforts would all be in vain. Countless men were dying, and now over half of the people who risked their lives to save what they loved were dead. It wouldn’t be long before these people were just a memory in the minds of those still alive.

Then, just as Ken had given up all hope, some good news came. A small group of people had been working on underground tunnels that circled the area that the fighting was taking place and others were working on reconfiguring some missiles that were found to act as bombs. It was finally ready, and just in time.

Ken gave the word to fall back as fast as possible and the word was sent to activate the rockets. Everyone had been told about the plan only hours before and knew it was very risky. They were to flee behind a wall that had been constructed that they hoped would withstand the blast.

When the bomb went off, it was like an earthquake and the ground beneath the soldiers collapsed, sending them to there death and cutting off access to the people of the city. The army retreated and the people cheered for a victory.

That night was the first night in over two weeks anyone had gotten a good rest. The wounded were taken care of and it was as if a new life had dawned on the people of the East Bay.

This didn’t last long, however, as the invading army constructed bridges within three days and started to pursue the goal of total annihilation of the people who stood against them. They had regrouped and were attacking once again in full force.

A sound off in the distance brought even more fight to the battle-weary militia, but they fought on. As the first ray of sunlight hit their eyes, something appeared in the sky off in the distance. Coming from the west, the people knew it only meant a quicker death for them.

And from behind them, the sound of soldiers marched closer and closer. How did they get around the mountains? This truly would be the last stand. It wouldn’t be much longer until death came upon them.

Something surprising then happened. The things flying towards them started to drop bombs on the invading forces. It wasn’t long before Ken realized help had finally arrived. The sound they heard from the east was the marching of American soldiers. The planes overhead were allied forces.

Within minutes, a soldier reached Ken with a letter. It explained what had happened and that they had discovered only a week ago they were being invaded. Other armies from around the world had heard the news and were stationed off the coast, taking care of the forces along the coast. The aircrafts were dropping bombs all around the north and south bay.

They were saved. California was saved. The United States of America was saved.

The battle was over on the morning of September 11, 2018. Irony had brought this date from a memory of hate and terrorism to a day of independence for California, a day that would be forever celebrated. Ken Edwards and his men all received presidential awards and compensation for there effort. The Bay Area was rebuilt and the population began to grow again.

It turns out later the soldiers were from Africa. The world was shocked at this knowledge. This battle was the start of the third World War. America, Japan, China, and most of Europe banded together to defend themselves from Africa, India, and the Middle East.


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