Well, I can’t believe this is a reality.

As of yesterday, the first version of the Steam Powered Dreams Story Engine’s Character Developer was completed. It’s far from done, and only a small, select few will see this iteration, but the fact that is complete is…amazing.

Let me tell you a bit more about the process I’ve gone through, as well as where I’m going, and a very broad timeframe.

I mentioned in my last update that I had been taking a course on programming so that I could do the first iteration myself. Well, as of 10/1/17, I officially completed that course and as of 10/3/17, the Story Engine was officially underway! It really was a monumental day for me, as I sat here at my computer staring at the screen, in disbelief that I had actually created something (at that point it was just the accounts/login/logout screen, but it was something!).

Since then, as I said above, I have the barebones of the Character Developer working and, today, I will start programming the barebones of the Worldbuilder.


Basic Concept

Before I get into the timeline coming up, let me break down the very basic layout of the program. This will be brief, but I’ll flesh out more details as I move forward.

Essentially, you’ll log in and be able to create a new story world. Within each story world your characters, settings, and plans will all be saved or created.

This means that each story world you create will be self-contained. But I also realize some of you might not like this. Some of you may want to use this tool to create isolated areas on a per-book basis, rather than a full series, and the program will be able to adapt to that thanks to something I’m currently calling “The Overseer View” that allows you to see all the characters, settings, and plans in one place, separated by tags (and easily moved/copied to other areas). If that isn’t quite clear at this point, don’t worry, as the next few months go on I’ll be showing actual examples of this!



I wish this could be done overnight, I really do. As much fun as I am having creating it, I’d have a lot more fun knowing it was done and available to the public!

But, the good thing is, that shouldn’t be too far off, at least for beta testers (more on that below!).

Here are the projected milestones:

  • Prototype 1 (version 0.1): December 15th 2017
  • Prototype 2 (version 0.2): January 31st 2018
  • Crowdfunding Campaign: February 2018
  • Beta 1: June 2018
  • Beta 2: September 2018
  • Release 1 (version 1.0): End of Year 2018

Now, I know what you might be thinking. End of year 2018 is still OVER a year away! Yes, that’s true, but if you’re reading this, and getting excited about this program, you’ll probably be part of the crowdfunding campaign, which means you’ll not only get early access, but also beta access! We’re planning on giving all subscription levels (probably $10+) beta 2 access and our biggest supporters beta 1 access.


I Need Your Help

Now, I have a favor to ask. If this sounds like something you might be interested, make sure you’re part of the Steam Powered Dreams mailing list AND comment on this post (or reply to the first email sent to you for the mailing list) telling me you want to be part of the Story Engine list, as well. Because this is just starting to move forward we don’t have a separate list set up, but it will be very soon! I’ll update this post when that happens.

Also, share this post with friends, family, groups, and anyone else you think might be interested! A crowdfunding campaign only works if you already have a community, so the bigger community we have before February, the higher chance of success!

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