Note: This story was written back in 2007 and partly inspired by real life events with my friends. We used to have some wild parties back when we were 16-20, especially when my parents went out of town (Love you mom and dad!). This story was a lot of fun to write, and I always wanted to write more about these characters. I hope you enjoy and as always please let me know what you think in the comments!

My name is Michael Lawson and tonight is going to be one of the best nights of my life. See, a good friend of mine is throwing a party. His parents are out of town, we got a whole lot of alcohol, weed, and girls, girls, girls. What’s this party for, you ask? I just said it, his parents out of town and it’s the weekend! Is there a better reason to have a party?

Anyway, I may be married, but that’s not stopping me tonight. I’m slipping my ring off my finger and into my pocket before I get there so these girls better watch out. Although it’s been a while since I had some fun, I used to be a straight player in high school; I know I still got it. Either way, this will be a one-night extravaganza, that’s for sure.

* * * * *

It was only a few minutes after 6 p.m. but Michael was already starting to get ready. The new pair of sleek black jeans he had bought earlier in the week was laid out flat on his bed. A crisp white and gray over-shirt was hanging on the door, just waiting for him to put it on. His new black Nike’s were still in the box, sitting upright, laced up and ready to go.

He reached into the closet for his matching Nike hat. It wasn’t just any hat, but his lucky hat he had worn every time he really wanted to meet a new girl. It had worked so many times before; he wondered if it still had any power left in it. It didn’t really matter to him if he met anyone new, he knew if anything it wouldn’t last past tonight.

“Hey baby,” Michael’s wife, Liz, said as she walked into the room. “What time are you going to be home tonight?”

“I’m not sure. Don’t wait up, though, it’ll probably be sometime in the morning, and you have work tomorrow.” Michael said, sliding on his jeans. He looked into the mirror and dusted off a few pieces of lint on the lower half of his pants legs.

“Are you going to be home by 2? You know I hate when you go out like this without me. You know it’s really hard for me to sleep.”

“I said I’d be home late. No, I probably won’t be home by 2. I hardly ever go out with my friends. You know that.”

“Yeah, I know. I just hate when you go out drinking and drive home. Don’t drink much tonight, okay?”

Michael just ignored her last comment. Despite her understanding tone, he knew how she really felt. In two or so hours when he was getting ready to leave, they’d get into an argument. It was the same thing every time he went out, even if it was only once a month. She didn’t like his friends very much and sometimes she was very selfish when it came to him seeing them.

By 7 p.m. he was ready to go. He started to walk out of the room, looking at himself one more time in the mirror before exiting. Although his friends weren’t going to pick him up for another hour or so, he walked over to Liz and gave her a kiss on the cheek and walked out. She followed him to the door and watched him as he walked down the street.

“Bye baby, be good. Call me!” Liz knew she could trust her husband, or at least she hopes she can.

“Bye babe. If I don’t call you, call me when you’re about to sleep. I’ll be sure to pick up.”

The reason he was leaving early is that he had to go pick up the alcohol from a friend who owned a bar and gets it cheap. It was only about two blocks away and he had told his friends to meet him there.

To his surprise, his friends were already there. I guess they were excited about tonight, too.

“What’s up, Michael! We got the beer loaded, you ready?” Jack was always early, Michael should have known they would beat him there.

“Yeah man, we’re going to get fucked up tonight! This shit is going to be crazy! Did you hear who’s going to be there? Sarah and her girls. You know what that means, Mike!” Kevin, on the other hand, is usually late and always the first to pass out. Then again, no one has ever been able to out drink him, either.

“Second chance, guys. Second chance!” Sean was one of Michael’s oldest friends in the group. They had been through a lot together. After high school, Sean started sleeping around and now had four children from three different girls. He also has a fourth girl pregnant.

“Sarah is going to be there? Who told you that? If that’s true, I sure am glad I bought my hat.”

“Whoa, Mike, I haven’t seen that thing since you ask Liz to senior prom! You sure you want to go that far?” Jack was the kind of guy that would never cheat on his girlfriend or wife if he had one. He never seemed to be able to keep a girlfriend very long, but always seemed to be talking to a new girl every week.

“Well, I figure if Sarah is going to be there, I have to pull out all the stops. This might be my last chance, you know she’s getting married next year, right?”

“Yeah, I heard. So you’re going to try to hit that before she gets married, huh?”
“Man, it’s not like that. She was the first girl I ever truly loved. In fact, I realize now that she’s the only other girl I have ever loved other than Liz. She never knew how I felt.” Michael was the most emotional person out of his group of friends, especially when it comes to Sarah. He had met her when he was a junior in high school. It was like love at first sight when he saw her, but she had a boyfriend at the time. By the time she was single, he was going out with one of her friends. She then met her current fiancé at the end of junior year. Soon after Michael became single again, he met Liz. After high school, they became best friends. She often told him she looked up to him like a brother. “I just want her to know how I feel.”

“Oh shut up and get in the car, man! While you’re sitting there crying we could already be getting drunk! Let’s go!” Sean yelled out loud as he jumped into the back of Jack’s car. Kevin and Michael followed as Jack came out of the house.

“Alright guys, we got the beer,” Jack said, getting into the car, “so let’s get back to my house and start the party! Some of the people should be arriving soon.”

On the way to the party, Michael was quiet. He didn’t think Sarah was going to be there. He hadn’t actually seen her in a few months, although they talked online every night. Liz knew Sarah through Michael and knew they were best friends. She trusted Sarah around her husband.

They arrived at Jack’s house just a few minutes after 8 and a few people were already there, but no sign of Sarah.

“Man, I need a drink,” Michael said, looking over to Kevin as they got out of the car.

“Yeah man, I’ve had a bad day. This is just what I need. And you see some of these girls that are already here? This is going to be a good night.”

Jack let everyone in and handed Michael a beer. “Drink up man; you’ll need it once Sarah gets here.”

After about a half hour, the music came on and people started dancing. Michael looked around for some prospective girls to dance with and then saw one he’d never met sitting alone in the corner. He walked over to her and sat down next to her. The music was loud and she couldn’t hear much, but Michael whispered into her ear “Hey, I don’t like seeing a girl as beautiful as you looking so sad sitting in the corner, wanna dance with me?”

She smiled and nodded. He took her hand and led her to the middle of the room. With the alcohol in them and the music playing, it seemed like time started to slow down and they were the only two in the room. They started dancing close and then after what seemed like an hour, she led him outside.

“It’s hot in there; I had to come get some air.” She smiled at him and took another sip of her drink.

“Yeah, defiantly.”

She grabbed his hand and led him towards the street. They leaned against a car and she moved in to kiss him. He hesitated, but the alcohol wanted to give into her. Just before there lips met, Michael heard someone walking up.

“Hi, Michael.” It was Sarah. He hoped she hadn’t seen exactly what was going on since she was walking from behind them. It wasn’t because he thought she would judge him or tell Liz, but because tonight was supposed to be about how he felt about her. He pushed his new friend away and ran over to Sarah to give her a big hug.

“Hey, you! It’s been so long since I saw you. You look as beautiful as ever.”

“Thanks!” She said with a huge smile on her face.

“Come on, let’s go inside. You want a drink?”

“Sure, what do you guys have?”

Michael looked back at the other girl and then looked back to Sarah, leading her into the house. He realized what he was about to do, and was glad that Sarah had walked up when she did. He didn’t want to cheat on his wife with that girl. He had promised himself a year ago when he had made the mistake of cheating that he would never do it again. Deep in his mind, he knew there was only one exception to this, and that was Sarah.

After a few drinks and a lot of dancing, Michael decided it was time to talk to Sarah. She wasn’t a big drinker and only had a few drinks, so he knew it was a good time. “Hey, Jack, can I borrow your room for a little bit?”

“Haha. This really is your night huh? First that one girl, now another?”

“Nah, man. I’m going to talk to Sarah now. Yanno, about what I told you earlier?”

“Oh yeah, of course. Yeah, go ahead. I’d lock the door, though. People have been in and out of there all night.”

“Thanks, I’ll let you know how it goes.”

He saw Sarah sitting on the couch with two of her friends. Making his way over to her, he caught her eye and smiled

“What’s up?”

“Hey, Sarah, can I talk to you in the other room for a minute?”

“Sure. You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just wanna tell you something.”

He took her hand and led her into Jack’s room. He sat her down on the futon and sat next to her. “Sarah, there’s something I’ve wanted to tell you since the day we met. With you getting married, I figured if I didn’t tell you now, I probably never would.”

“Oh, Michael! What’s this about?” She said, with a playful smile on her face.

“You’re always so cheerful, that’s one thing I’ve always liked about you!” Michael had a smile on his face too, but down inside he was more nervous then he had ever been before, “But seriously, Sarah. Umm… Well, basically you are the first girl I had ever loved. I never told you this because there was never a time I could have done anything about it.” He paused.

“Michael, what are you saying?” For the first time in a long time, Sarah’s face was serious.

“What I’m saying is that I love you. I know nothing can ever happen between us, but you mean more to me than anyone ever will.” Michael stood up and turned the other direction. Sarah stood up behind him, “Michael,” she paused, motioning for him to turn towards her. She looked deep into his eyes and reached in to kiss him. When their lips met, it was as if a huge explosion of light came over both of them. Michael felt something he had only felt for one other person. He knew his feelings had not lied to him.

The wave of passion that swept over them was amazing. As they broke the kiss, Michael couldn’t stop staring into her eyes. Then, he snapped back to reality. He wondered what she was thinking and what would happen next.

“Sarah, I…” He didn’t know what to say.

“Michael, I feel the same way, but I love my fiancé, too.”

“I know that. I love my wife. I didn’t expect things to change in that way. I knew we’d never be together.”

Sarah put her head on his chest and closed her eyes, “Promise me we’ll always be friends. Promise me you’ll never leave my side.”

“No matter how hard it is for me, the thing I want the most is for you to have a happy life. Sarah, I’ll never leave your side. I love you.”

The rest of the night they spent together, alone. Neither of them ever mentioned it to anyone. When Michael’s friends asked what happened, he would just tell them he said what he had to.

When Michael got home the next morning, he woke up Liz and had a long conversation about where their life was headed. The conversation ended with a kiss and Liz falling asleep in his arms.

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