Note:  Written in March of 2007 and inspired by all the babies I’d been around when I was young.  It was a fiction writing assignment in school.  It’s pretty short and really simple, hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment!
In the smallest state in a small city in a small house, in a small crib lived a little baby boy named Nathan. He was also called little baldy because of a missing patch of hair on the top of his head. Although he was only a few months old, his mind raced at the speed of light. On this particular day in this particular month at this particular time, Nathan was discovering something brand new, something he had never seen before. Of course, by now, Nathan thought he had seen it all, been around the whole world. I mean his mommy had taken him as far as First Street! “If it’s the first, there must be nothing beyond that”, he often thought. But this, it was exciting, it was new! Baby Nathan sat there, looking, staring at the thing across the room. It was big, at least bigger than him. When the dog walked by it, it moved on its own. He had no idea what this could be. He started to cry at the thought of not knowing what this was. Mommy came over to pick him up and when she did, he was trying to ask her what it was, but she just wouldn’t listen. She must have seen him looking so intently at it because she set him down next to it. At last! He would find out what he didn’t know! His head would then be full and he would be happy once more! He reached out and touched it. It moved, but only slightly. Curiosity struck him even more. He licked it. EWW! It sure wasn’t food. What could it be, he thought? He recognized the color. It was the same as the one on the fire truck that sometimes goes by. He came to a conclusion. It was round like his daddies head, so it must be something that humans used. Soon after, his little brother walked in and started to roll it around, laughing and giggling. “It was a toy!” He finally figured it out. Happy with this discovery, he started to reach for his mommy again. She picked him up and put him in his crib. Little Nathan fell fast asleep in this small crib, in this small house, in this small city, in the smallest state, knowing that he knew all he could about the world.

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