Note: This story was originally written (as the title says) on July 27th, 2011th. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the context for it, but I do know it was only 2 months later that I started writing my first full-length novel! I’ll be posting more of my older stories this week, hope you enjoy!

As I walk outside, the day seems just like any other.  A warm California summer day, to be exact.  No doubt there are people at the beach having fun, all the public pools filled with children out of school, crowded coffee shops with people trying to stay cool, and my neighbor doing some gardening.  But how could the world keep going around when I feel like this?  How is it possible that there is any happiness in the world when my world is crumbling down around me?

Only a half hour ago, everything was okay.  I was having a day just like the rest of them, carefree and enjoying the weather, but then.  Then everything changed, and things will never be the same, I don’t think happiness will ever reach me again.  How is it possible in those thirty short minutes that the world no longer seems to matter, life itself might as well end?

No, in actuality it didn’t even take that long.  I heard the ring and that is when the world should have ended.  So why does it keep going?  Why can I hear birds chirping to one another, wind blowing through the trees?  Don’t they know?

They must know.  Couldn’t they feel the change as I’m feeling it?  The pain, the sorrow.  This is it, there is nothing else to do but to sit here and wait.  Wait until the rest of the world catches up and realizes that there is no reason to play on the beach, swim in a pool, or waste your money on iced coffee.  They have to know, how could they not?

How can my neighbor continue to pull weeds?  There’s nothing he can do, soon enough the weeds won’t grow, neither will the flowers.  Oh, and the flowers!  All in full bloom, reaching towards the sun!  Will the sun continue to shine?  No, it must know too.  The whole universe will stop and cease to exist.  Why is my neighbor looking over at me?  I feel like he’s been staring at me for hours, how long has it been since I walked outside?

It must have happened, no cars have passed since then, people must know and be huddling close to their families now, knowing that it is all coming to a close.  The end.

“Hey there, Kyle, everything okay?  You don’t look so good.”

Is he taunting me?  look at him, still staring right at me, laughing inside.  I can’t take this anymore, how long has it been and it seems like nothing has happened?  Why has the sun itself not blown up?  Gah, I can’t take this anymore!

“Everything is…fine…”

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