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Kahlima’s Secret Update 4/14/17

I haven’t been writing lately. I know, I know, that’s so horrible and I should feel bad…well I do, actually. I’ve been working on Kahlima’s Secret in my mind for the past few months and realized my first draft had a huge flaw, one that will require an almost full rewrite of the story: Kahlima is reacting rather than acting. This is an issue that plagues many stories in their first draft, but I didn’t realize it until I was already on my third.

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Sinesol Update 4/12/17

When I think of my Sinesol Universe, I tend to think big. I think about the different generations I want to write in, the different settings that are possible, and also how to combine them all together, despite some very obvious differences, not to mention time between events. And I have big plans coming for this universe starting this year.

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4/9/17 – Colossus Con and Websites for Writers

It’s been an interesting few months for me, full of ups and downs, and blogging on here hasn’t even been on my mind, sadly. However, I really want to start blogging more and talking about what I’m going through as a freelancer, writer, and soon-to-be publisher. But let’s talk about what’s been going on.

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New Cover for The Planet Without A Sun

I’m so excited about my new cover and think it’s going to be a game changer for that book! It sold decently well at first, but I always knew the cover really hurt it, since it not only looked bland, but it also had a horrible misprint that I wasn’t able to fix (bad designer). However, that’s all in the past and the new cover is stellar!

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7/19/16 – A Whole New World!

2016 has already been a momentous year and it’s only July! I can’t wait to see what is in store for me for the next 5 months. If the current state of my life is any indication, I’m looking at a very productive end of 2016 and a new beginning in 2017! Things are changing fast in my life and I can honestly say I don’t know what it will look like in a year, or even in 6 months!

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What’s Happening 7/10/16

Quick update!  Due to what's going on over at Steam Powered Dreams (update on that to come), I've moved all my personal content here to! Over the next few weeks I'll be: Building and adding content to this site Fixing and altering the theme to...

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Sickness and Creativity

This will serve as my first personal post here, which might be a bit out of context, but I wanted to talk about something that has plagued me my whole life, how sickness can affect your creativity.  Unfortunately, this is a post more about the frustration than a...

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Introducing Kahlima’s Secret

It was just like any other day, at least any other day since her father passed away, Kahlima found herself begging for a little food, enough to feed her mother and brother, but it was the end of the trade season and no one was willing to give up what little they had. It had been like this for days, so she had no other choice; she needed to steal. She hated to do it, it made her feel horrible, but she was hungry and wasn’t sure how much longer she could last without at least a little food. No one would notice if she took a few pieces of bread. No one would notice a missing vegetable or two, right?

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What Is The ‘Kahlima’ Series?

I’m very excited to introduce the Kahlima series, which will span between 20 and 25 books over 5 Seasons! This series was inspired by my niece, Shane, when I promised her I’d write her a story. Sadly, she gave me the prompt about two years ago and for all she knows I forgot about it. But the exciting news is that the first book in season 1 is scheduled for a December release!

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The Planet Without A Sun Release Schedule

Three years in the making, I have finally released my first novel.  It is a feeling that I can't quite describe, both exhilarating and terrifying. If you're excited to click through to Amazon and buy a copy, wait for a second and keep reading to find out about two...

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Sinesol Universe 7/7/2014 Update

This is the first update directly on Steam Powered Dreams, so because of that, it’s going to be a bit different than normal. It serves three purposes, to update on the current state of Burden Episode one and The Planet Without A Sun, to setup future updates in the Sinesol Universe, and to explain where the older posts came from.

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